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Hey gang,

Just thought I would drop in and say hello. My name is Chuck and my family and a group of close friends and I have been doing costume charity work for years. I think we first got involved with the Star Wars 501st way back in 2005 or 2006. We partnered with the 501st in Memphis TN, Southaven MS, and several places here in Arkansas. We are a bit too far away from the awesome people at Central Arkansas Ghostbusters but I have heard great things about them and look forward to getting to know them. I just wish we were closer!

I thought I would finally make it official and start the Northeast Arkansas Ghostbusters since we've been doing Ghostbusters costuming for so long! Now that my kids are getting older they are practically demanding we get on Instagram for this! hahahaha

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and say hello again and share the links with you of our webpage. I will have our custom patch soon and am really excited about getting those sewn on our costumes!

As always a big thank you to AJ and all of you have offered advice to us over the years. The support here at GBFans is just amazing! I'm truly glad to be here!

Thank you again,

--Chuck K.,
Jonesboro Arkansas USA
Our webpage is LIVE and ready to go! It's very exciting for us!


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