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xtrmn8r17 wrote:if there are any extra, Id like one. I cant believe i missed out on this, this looks freakin awesome!
Yeah I can give you my absolute last one. If there are any people who want one after you, I'll have to order another set of 10. PM me with your info and we'll go from there! :)
Got mine a week or so back from JayM, gotta tell you guys it looks AWESOME!!! Looks much better in reality than online even though it looks cool online! You da man JayM :cool:
Okay. I've been getting a lot of requests for Orange GB patches, and I have officially run out. So if I can get 10 people that will have no problem paying (I don't mind covering one or two) then I can order another set and mail them out. So right now sign ups for a new set of 10 (or 15 if we get to that point?) are open. Reply if you'd like one.

It will end up being $8-9 a patch depending.
Thanks! Remember, don't forget to let me know if you guys are interested in one, because I can either order more when we get 10 people who can pay or I can send you the dimensions, numbers for thread used and the vector image then you can order some yourself.
I have a friend who might be able to to better on the prices of the patches. My friend Dottie runs Needle Play Designs , check out her web page and shoot her an email. I have used her in the past for shirts and patches, prices have always been good.

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