For users in: Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & Washington DC.
:cool: The Vineland Public Library's 3rd annual Fan Con October 2th, 2022 11 am- 4 pm 1058 E. Landis Avenue Vineland NJ 08360.

Free Community Event.

There will be Comics, Panels, Food trucks, Cosplay, Artist, Writers and more..

We are look for cosplayers Groups to do panels and vendors. It would be greatly appropriated if you could spread the word thought the Ghostbusters community and please share our facebook, shout outs in costume on facebook at are welcomed.
It would be very cool to have Ghostbusters running around at our convention.
One of our staff is a huge Ghostbusters Fan, if you look at our facebook you will see him dressed up as a Ghostbuster and we would love to surprise him with other Ghostbusters this year and last time we had a inflatable MR. Stay Puff and Slimer. In addition we feel Ghostbusters would be a great addition to our event. If you have any Ecto1s or and Ecto feel free to bring we have plenty of room. And we will be having Jean The Ghostbusters at our event.

We have hosted the 501st and the Philadelphia cosplayers and have provide them changing rooms. If interested in attending or for more information please contact Kelly Reeves by phone 856-794-4244 ext. 4795 or email . We’re Ready to Believe You!
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